Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan spoke at the Turkey-Southeast Asian Nations Association (ASEAN) Sectoral Dialogue Partnership Trilateral Meeting held in Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta.

Commemorating the citizens who were martyred in the coup attempt of FETO, Fidan said that 251 citizens made the greatest sacrifice and fought to protect Turkish democracy, sovereignty and freedom.

Stating that the cooperation of Turkey’s friends in the Asian region in the fight against FETO is appreciated, Fidan emphasized that they are determined to achieve more together in order to definitively eliminate the terrorist threat.

Noting that the international system is on the verge of a major transformation, Fidan said that regional and civil conflicts have increased all over the world, the global economic recovery has weakened, the energy crisis is not over yet, poverty, inequality, food insecurity and climate shocks are at alarming levels.

Fidan also drew attention to the difficulty of reaching the sustainable development goals by 2030, “However, as an Indonesian proverb says, a solid tree is afraid of the storm. The strengthened cooperation between Southeast Asia and Turkey has the potential to have a lasting and positive impact on the global course.” used the phrases.

Noting that they summarized the strategic vision under three pillars, Fidan emphasized that the first of these was the “search for peace”.

“Turkey seeks peaceful solutions to today’s increasingly complex and protracted conflicts. We are proud of the tangible results of our mediation efforts from Ukraine to Somalia, from the Philippines to the Balkans,” Foreign Minister Fidan said. made its assessment.

“Türkiye and ASEAN continue to be important centers for economic growth in their regions”

Emphasizing that Turkey prevented an unprecedented famine with the Black Sea Grain Initiative initiated with Russia, Ukraine and the United Nations (UN), Fidan said, “The positive effect of this is felt at every dinner table in the world. Turkey prioritizes regional ownership and pursues a foreign policy free from excessive influences. will continue to operate.” said.

Stating that they are very similar to ASEAN in this sense, Fidan said that ASEAN is a tool for making a peaceful and prosperous journey to Southeast Asia.

Fidan, on the other hand, emphasized that Turkey and ASEAN can bring together important political dialogue and create innovative and peaceful solutions.

Fidan stated that Turkey’s economic recovery after the epidemic showed an extremely significant increase, contrary to all expectations, and that Turkey’s gross domestic product increased by 4 percent in the first three months of 2023, making it one of the best developing economies in the world. He said it has already reached $252.4 billion last year.

Fidan stated that ASEAN had the world’s 5th gross domestic product with a population of 700 million in the same period, adding, “In this sense, Turkey and ASEAN continue to be important centers for economic growth in their regions. I believe it will benefit both parties.” used the phrases.

Asia Again Initiative

Noting that the Asia Again Initiative is one of Turkey’s most fundamental principles, Fidan said that this initiative prioritizes important areas such as trade, investments, defense industry, connectivity, green energy and digital technologies, while also focusing on sustainable development goals.

Pointing out that the Asia Again Initiative is also an initiative that supports ASEAN’s Indo-Pacific access strategy, Fidan stated that the combination of their strategies and dynamism will structure the economic recovery and enable them to achieve their sustainable development goals.

Emphasis on active multilateralism

Emphasizing that the third important pillar is effective multilateralism, Fidan said that the most difficult obstacles today actually know no borders, irregular migration, climate change, climate-related disasters and at the same time the critical situation of the waste problem are some of these difficulties.

Pointing out that Turkey and Southeast Asia are among the worst affected, Fidan said that the solidarity shown by the ASEAN members in the wake of the devastating earthquakes in Turkey on February 6 is an important support they will always remember.

Noting that Turkey believes in the importance of effective multilateralism like ASEAN in order to cope with such obstacles in a spirit of cooperation, Fidan also stated that this is one of the main focuses of Turkey’s Zero Waste initiative and that this initiative is supported by the UN General Assembly. he did.

Emphasizing that international organizations, especially the UN, should be reformed in order to increase multilateralism, Fidan said that they want to provide much more solidarity with ASEAN and its members in this context.

Stating that Southeast Asia’s work with Turkey and strengthening its cooperation with ASEAN continues to support Turkey’s goals of becoming a political and financial center, Fidan said it was one of the top priorities of the cabinet formed by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan after the election held on May 28. pointed out that this is one of them.

Stating that they will make their continental access strategies more institutional in the new period, Fidan said, “Among these, there is the Asia Again Initiative. For this, we will develop new partnership models and strengthen the existing ones. This is why Turkey and ASEAN, as the main players in the regional and global political environment, are much more important. “We believe in advanced cooperation. This dialogue partnership between Turkey and ASEAN can create an important synergy for our common goal. This is a fair, inclusive and sustainable international order.” he said.

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