The Ministry of Commerce continues its struggle against stocking and exorbitant price practices in the automotive sector.

In this context, successive steps have been taken recently. Measures were increased, inspections were intensified.

On 6 July, the regulation on the trade of second-hand motor land vehicles was amended. With the regulation, the marketing of second-hand vehicles at more than zero price by advertisement is prohibited until January 1, 2024.

The application has come into effect. It will cover the individual and commercial advertisements of all real and legal persons.

Intervention in exorbitant prices

Sales sites will warn those who advertise against the regulation. Information regarding the advertisements given in violation of the restriction will be forwarded to the Ministry by the platform.

Any advertisement contrary to the regulation will be considered as “second hand motor land vehicle trade”.
An administrative fine of up to 300 thousand liras will be applied per advertisement.

Trade Minister Ömer Bolat also held talks with automotive sector representatives as soon as he took office. It enabled new measures to be taken on the subject. Bolat also emphasized that they have other instruments in their hands and that they are progressing step by step.

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