Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Abdulkadir Uraloğlu stated that they have taken new steps for the digitalization of the transport sector and made the e-Government more attractive for citizens serving in the road transport sector. Uraloğlu stated that they finalized all processes through e-Government without searching for documents in applications, and that they reduced bureaucracy, and noted that this would shorten the processing times, and that they aimed to achieve a great increase in the number of transactions with the last incentive given for transactions to be made over e-Government.

Reminding that the amendment to the Road Transport Regulation entered into force after being published in the Official Gazette, Uraloğlu said, “We have increased the discount limits for the transactions of our transporters operating in the road transport sector via e-government, and a 5 percent discount will be applied for transactions up to 32,854 liras.”

Up to 75 percent discount will be provided on the K1 authorization certificate

Minister Uraloğlu emphasized that K1 certified citizens operating in the domestic goods transportation sector also offer discounts to those who purchase the vehicle if they quit their activities or sell their vehicles, and continued as follows:

“If our K1-certified trucking shopkeepers quit their activities or retire, a discount of up to 75 percent will be provided on the K1 authorization certificate, taking into account the remaining document period for those who have sold their vehicles and given their consent. With this arrangement, our trucker shopkeepers will be able to sell their vehicles more easily and continue their activities. There will be an opportunity to earn an income from the K1 documents that they will cancel as soon as they leave.”

Uraloğlu, explaining that the vehicles, whose inspection and insurance have expired, can be added to the authorization certificates automatically and free of charge, if their deficiencies are corrected within 6 months, said that with the amendment of the regulation, agencies that provide intermediary services for scheduled (ticketed) or non-scheduled (tourism) passenger transport and are authorized to issue tickets or contracts, announced that a warning sanction was imposed in case of illegal ticket or contract arrangements. Uraloğlu said, “With this arrangement, we aim to eliminate the grievances of citizens in this regard.”

In the statement, it was stated in the statement that while the regulation regarding the notification of the passengers getting off the bus before the destination point to the U-ETDS system by the transport companies, this innovation, which came for security in the transportation area, will enable instant tracking of the passengers in the electronic environment.

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