Minister Özhaseki, in his statement, stated that after the earthquakes that took place in Kahramanmaraş on February 6, the cities would be restored.

In his statement, Özhaseki said, “Our cities, which were affected by the disaster of the millennium and whose every corner is full of memories, are now on their feet again. Within the scope of the On-site Transformation project, in 11 cities affected by the earthquake, Construction and Transformation Offices are opening, under the supervision of our ministry, a grant of 500 thousand liras and 500 thousand liras so that our citizens can transform their own houses on-site. We provide TL interest-free loan support. made statements.

Construction and Transformation Offices were opened in 22 places in 11 provinces affected by the earthquakes.

You can apply for the On-Site Transformation project via e-Government, and you can get information about the project from ALO 181.

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