The BIST 100 index hit an all-time high with 6,581.39 points, and as of 13:00, it became 6,579.61 points with a gain of 141.88 points and 2.20 percent compared to the previous close. The total transaction volume amounted to 62.2 billion liras.

The banking index gained 1.67 percent and the holding index gained 1.77 percent. While all sector indices rose, construction was the highest earner with 5.08 percent.

While the global markets are watching negative with the concerns of inflation and recession, the intense data agenda abroad and the interest rate decision of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT) will be the focus of investors this week.

Analysts stated that the macroeconomic data announced last week in the USA continued to highlight the possibility of a soft landing in the country’s economy, and that the ongoing balance sheet season may increase the volatility based on shares and sectors.

While the news flow that Treasury and Finance Minister Şimşek and CBRT President Hafize Gaye Erkan, who represented Turkey in the G20 meetings held in India, will hold a meeting with US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, came to the fore, analysts said that the news flow from the meeting would have an impact on asset prices. reported that it might.

Analysts stated that the New York Fed manufacturing index will be followed in the USA in the afternoon, and noted that technically, the level of 6,600 in the BIST 100 index is resistance, and 6,300 and 6,200 points are support.

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