In the statement made by the Insurance Association of Turkey (TSB), Obalı’s views on the activities of the insurance sector in the earthquake zone were included, and stated that the insurance sector, which acts with a “responsibility awareness”, always stands by the insured so that life can return to its normal flow.

Reminding the statements of Selva Eren, the General Manager of the Natural Disaster Insurance Institution (DASK), Obalı said that TCIP has made a claim payment of 29.5 billion TL for nearly 600 thousand notices throughout Turkey, thus the total damage payment of the sector due to the Kahramanmaraş earthquakes is 55. He emphasized that it has reached 5 billion TL.

“We did not forget the 6 February earthquakes and we will not let them be forgotten”

Obalı made the following assessments:

“We have not forgotten and will not let the earthquakes of February 6, which we suffered as a country, be forgotten. For the last 5 months after the disaster, our industry has been working with an effort to fulfill its responsibilities completely, especially in personal accident and life insurance, housing insurance, engineering, fire, loss of profit in industrial and commercial investments. We are happy to have made a large part of our claim payments in a short period of 5 months, while allocating a reserve of 10 billion TL for nearly 35 thousand files. “

Obalı stated that in the fire branch, which includes commercial enterprises, industrial facilities and individual guarantees on a branch basis, with a total amount exceeding 21 billion TL for 71 thousand 532 files, “the largest payment” has been made in 11 provinces to date, “728 million TL for 15,735 files in life insurance, 364 million TL for 307 files containing guarantee for loss of profit of industrial and commercial facilities, 1.7 billion TL for 8,114 files in motor insurance, 689 million TL for 45 thousand 294 files for engineering insurances including electronic devices, constructions, machinery breakage and assembly guarantees, and 1,450 files for shipping insurance. 796 million TL and more than 101 million TL were paid to 1,255 files under the personal accident policy. he said.

Fuse Type

Number of Files

Compensation Amount (billion TL)
Fire Branch 71,532 21
Life insurance 15,735 0.728
Profit Loss Coverage 307 0.364
Insurance 8,114 1.7
Engineering Insurances 45,294 0.689
Transport Insurance 1,450 0.796
Personal Accident Policy 1,255 0.101

Noting that more than 50 thousand people lost their lives and thousands of factories and businesses were damaged in earthquakes affecting an area of ​​more than 110,000 square kilometers, TSB Secretary General Obalı said:

“It is not possible to bring back the lost lives, we carry this pain in our hearts like every member of our country, and we wish patience to the families left behind. It is of great importance to be able to return life in the region to normal as soon as possible and to alleviate the burden of our earthquake victims. At the point of compensating for financial losses, ‘being insured’ is of critical value. Individual and corporate risk management has a large place in insurance in developed economies, and a significant portion of the losses in these economies are covered by the insurance system. As Turkey’s insurance sector, we know how valuable it is to spread the ‘insurance awareness’ in order for our country to reach the place it deserves among the developed economies, and we are intensifying our work in this regard.”

Emphasizing that the insurance sector is working hard to reduce the effects of the earthquake, which is called the “disaster of the century”, on the Turkish economy, and that it continues its material and moral support in order to alleviate the suffering of the citizens in the region to a bit, Obalı said, “We are proud to be with the people of the region so that our 11 provinces can stand on their feet again. . The Insurance Association of Türkiye continues its activities in the earthquake zone with all its stakeholders. With our teams, stakeholder institutions, agencies and experts in the region, we are on the field with all our strength to meet the expectations of our citizens regarding insurance. On the other hand, as the insurance industry, we will continue to fulfill our duties in full on our country’s journey to the Turkish Century.” shared his knowledge.

Drawing attention to the negativities caused by the increase in costs, Özgür Obalı reminded that the insurance company guarantees “the risks that will occur in the next 12 months” through the “premium at the date of the policy is issued”.

Stating that all kinds of cost increases in the next 12-month period are seriously challenging the sector, Obalı said, “The most important indicator of this is traffic insurance, which is a compulsory branch. In the last year, many indicators such as minimum wage, part prices, vehicle values ​​and inflation have increased our costs to unsustainable levels. For this reason, we believe that with our motto ‘Strong Insurance, Strong Economy’, the contributions of our sector in the earthquake zone can be taken into account within the framework of issues such as tariffs and taxes, and if necessary, they can be supported by being evaluated in a different category.” used the phrases.

Regarding the ‘tax package’ presented to the Parliament, Obalı said, “Although (the tax package) will strain the balance sheets in our sector, we think that this package, which was prepared for solidarity with the disaster area and earthquake victims, is of critical importance for the resources our country needs. Therefore, Turkey’s insurance policy “We believe that this tax package should be stood behind in line with the social and economic responsibility we undertake as a sector and in accordance with our aim to contribute to all these areas. As an industry, we will continue to support our country’s economy with all our strength.” made a statement.

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