According to the statement made by the Presidency Investment Office, the permit, approval, license and license processes of all bureaucratic procedures that must be completed from the establishment of the company to the moment the investment becomes operational were schematized.

The guide shows the steps to be taken for all bureaucratic processes concerning investments, the authority of application, required documents, approximate processing times and transaction fees. The online guide published on the website of the Presidential Investment Office “” is a guide for all investors.

Guides cover 8 main sectors

The guide, the preparations of which began in 2020, was implemented under the coordination of the Presidential Investment Office, in close cooperation with the ministries involved in the investment processes. The guide, which was prepared in order to ensure that the investment processes are transparent and easy to understand, was prepared in document format, then transferred to the digital environment and transformed into a smart investment process guide.

Steps to be taken for all bureaucratic processes concerning investments in 8 main sectors, the authority of application, necessary documents, approximate processing times and transaction fees were collected in a single guide. The 8 main sectors covered by the Investment Processes Guide were as follows: waste disposal and recovery, manufacturing, energy, forest and forest products, mining, logistics, service, agriculture and livestock.

The Investment Process Guide, on the one hand, summarizes each step that investors should follow during the investment process in the relevant sectors, on the other hand, it forms the basis for the simplification and simplification of the processes in line with the opinions received from the private sector under the coordination of the Presidential Investment Office. The guide will be constantly updated in the light of developments in investment legislation.

President of the Presidency Investment Office, Burak Dağlıoğlu, whose views were included in the statement, emphasized the importance of monitoring investment processes and emphasized that the main mission of the Office is to introduce Turkey’s investment environment to the international business world and to carry out investment attracting activities specific to target sectors.

Noting that they act with a solution-oriented service approach and that they take care to strengthen cooperation and coordination channels with private sector representatives in order to measure the effectiveness of services, Dağlıoğlu said:

“For this purpose, we carry out our activities with the aim of providing all kinds of information sharing and providing the necessary bureaucratic support throughout the process for our investors who are at the stage of investment decision. Our office carries out its activities with the aim of becoming one of the most important investment agencies in the world as the leading public institution in investor satisfaction. The Investment Processes Guide, which covers eight different sectors and is schematized with various diagrams and published in a simple and understandable way, is of great importance in terms of improving the quality and scope of the services provided by our office in information, project follow-up and investment support processes.

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