The 7th Term Public Collective Agreement negotiations, which will determine the financial and social rights of approximately 4 million civil servants and 2.5 million retired civil servants in 2024-2025, will begin in August.

Memur-Sen, as the authorized confederation, will represent civil servants and civil servant retirees in the negotiations that will last for a month between the public employer committee and civil servant unions.

Memur-Sen, who accelerated his work with few days before the talks, gathered the Extended Board of Presidents yesterday to determine the contract proposals and the roadmap to be followed.

The 120-item proposal will be shared with the public.

At the meeting, a total of 120 proposals were agreed, of which 74 were new, 29 were to be protected, and 17 were not resolved in the previous collective bargaining period.

Memur-Sen, who will share his 120-item proposal, including salary increase rates and rent assistance, with the public on July 24, will present the proposal file to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security on the same day.

“The lowest civil servant salary should not be lower than the wage of the lowest public worker”

Memur-Sen Deputy Chairman Hacı Bayram Tonbul stated that they prepared their proposals by taking into account the demands from the field and considering the scientific data, and stated that the proposal file was shaped with the Extended Board of Presidents meeting.

Emphasizing that the file containing their proposals includes issues concerning all civil servants and retired civil servants, Tonbul noted that after the Memur-Sen Provincial Presidents Meeting on 21 July, the number of items they proposed would exceed 120.

Pointing out that the main backbone of their proposals is the salary and monthly increases for the years 2024-2025, Tonbul gave the following information:

“In addition to the salary increase rates, giving rent aid to civil servants is among the offers we care about. We insist on this offer so that public employees can live in peace and prosperity with their families. In addition, 3600 additional indicators should be given to all civil servants who have risen to the 1st degree and the lowest civil servant salary expressed by our President. We will bring to the table such issues as not being less than the wage of the lowest public worker. We will insist on social rights as well as salary increase in the negotiations. In this direction, in our offer file with an inclusive content, we will not neglect the neglect of engineers, managers, chiefs, general administrative services class and other technical personnel. “We have included the demands of all groups. Considering the retired civil servants whose monthly increase expectations have not been met in the recent period, we will bring the proposals to increase the pensions of the pensioners to the contract table.”

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