Digital transformation is accelerating, accessibility is increasing. POS devices are also going digital.

A special “Esnaf Wallet” application was developed for tradesmen.

With the “Esnaf Wallet” application, tradesmen will be offered opportunities in various fields.

TESK President Bendevi Palandöken pointed out that the project has two legs. He stated that insurance, POS device and banking transactions can be done from the application.

Special solutions for tradesmen

With the Craftsman wallet application, shopping can be done quickly, safely and without creating additional costs.

With the financial solutions offered to tradesmen, 24/7 free money order and EFT will be possible.

The first 1000 tradesmen who apply for the application will also be provided with a loan opportunity at a special rate. Advantageous insurance opportunities will also be offered to shopkeepers and their first-degree relatives.

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