Police teams took action after a woman reported that she was selling drugs on the streets and keeping her in a drug house at an address in the Seyyid Ömer Neighborhood of Fatih district.

While precautions were taken at the determined address and its surroundings, as well as on the streets, the suspect was followed in the evening hours of 19 July.

After a while, the operation was started after the woman gave the person she met with an object she took out of her purse in exchange for money.

As a result of the operation, the woman named SC and AD were caught and detained.

While drugs were seized on AD, who stashed drugs and money on the teddy bear, various drugs hidden in the teddy bear, 1 precision scale, 49 thousand 930 lira, 240 euro, 56 dollar coin, 31 thousand lira and 100 dollar counterfeit money were seized during the searches made at the house of the female suspect.

From suspicious persons; While AD was released by the judicial authorities following the judicial proceedings initiated against him for the crime of “Possession of Drugs for Use”, the person named SC was arrested by the judicial authorities and sent to prison on charges of “Manufacturing and Trading in Drugs or Stimulant Substances” and “Forgery in Money”.

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