President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan stated that upon his return after the Gulf tour covering Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates and his visits to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, fines will be applied if necessary to stop the exorbitant rent increase regarding the rent increase on the plane.

President Erdoğan stated the following in his statement;

Our ministry has a study on the subject. In this study, we will go beyond them. So there will be no snow for them. If necessary, we will also apply penalties to stop the exorbitant rent increase and housing prices.

We cannot sacrifice our citizens to the profit greed of a greedy few. The landlords, who covet the price hikes we make in order not to reduce the purchasing power of our citizens and not to crush inflation, will have to pay the price. Regardless of the subject, he will be punished for his behavior that leads to exorbitant price increases and disrupts the balance of the market.

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