Information Technologies and Communications Authority (BTK) banned new advertisements on Twitter by taxpayer real and legal persons in Turkey, on the grounds that they did not fulfill their obligation to designate and notify representatives.

Making a statement on the subject on his Threads account, Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Ömer Fatih Sayan reminded that with the additional article 4 added to Law No. 5651 in 2020, social network providers with daily access to more than 1 million from Turkey are obliged to designate a representative in Turkey.

In this context, Sayan stated that 9 social network representatives, including social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Youtube, were identified and reported to the BTK, and noted that the representatives were obliged to fulfill the demands, notifications and notifications received from judicial and administrative authorities.

Sayan also stated that it is among the duties of the representative to fulfill various obligations such as reporting every six months and answering user applications in Turkish.

Reminding that the article in question was amended in 2022 in order to strengthen the contact relationship with social network providers, to protect the rights of users in Turkey more effectively and to fulfill the decisions of the competent authorities in due time, Sayan said, “In this context, various obligations were brought to social network providers in the context of providing differentiated services specific to children, protecting user rights more effectively, presenting a crisis plan, creating an advertising library and increasing transparency.” said.

Sayan said, “Moreover, foreign social network providers with daily access of more than 10 million from Turkey, including Twitter, were separated and a regulation was made to hold their representatives fully authorized and responsible in terms of administrative, technical, financial and legal aspects.” used the phrases.

“According to the ban, no new ads can be placed on Twitter”

Sayan stated that it is forbidden to advertise to Twitter, which does not fulfill its representative obligation in accordance with the new regulation despite the given time and all the negotiations, by taxpayer real and legal persons residing in Turkey:

“According to the ban, no new advertisements will be placed on Twitter, no new contracts will be established within this scope, and no money can be transferred regarding this. The expenses of the advertisements given to those who are subject to an advertising ban will be counted among the payments that are not accepted as an expense in accordance with the Income Tax Law and discounts that are not accepted in accordance with the Corporate Tax Law. If a representative is not appointed within three months, the bandwidth of Twitter will be reduced.”

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