The 7th Term Public Collective Agreement negotiations, which will determine the financial and social rights of approximately 4 million civil servants and 2.5 million retired civil servants in 2024-2025, will begin on Tuesday, August 1st.

Memur-Sen, as the authorized confederation, will represent civil servants and civil servant retirees in the negotiations that will last for a month between the public employer committee and civil servant unions.

Memur-Sen, who accelerated his work with few days before the talks, gathered the Extended Board of Presidents yesterday to determine the contract proposals and the roadmap to be followed.

The 120-item proposal will be shared with the public.

At the meeting, a total of 120 proposals were agreed, of which 74 were new, 29 were to be protected, and 17 were not resolved in the previous collective bargaining period.

Memur-Sen, who will share his 120-item proposal, including salary increase rates and rent assistance, with the public on July 24, will present the proposal file to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security on the same day.

“We propose a 110 percent proportional increase in total in a 2-year period”

Ali Yalçın, Chairman of Memur-Sen, shared with the public the raise rates and expectations they will demand for the 7th Term Collective Agreement negotiations, which will start as of August 1.

Yalçın said;

First of all, in order to fulfill the promise and fulfill the promise, we want a one-time settlement of the 1,650 lira, which was applied incompletely to the lowest civil servant due to 22 thousand liras.

Considering the 2-year inflation data, we want an increase of 35 percent in the first three months, 10 percent in the second three months, 15 percent in the third quarter, and 10 percent in the fourth quarter, including the welfare share, for 2024 quarterly. For the year 2025, in line with our optimistic attitude that Turkey’s economic data and inflation figures will improve, we present our offers on a semi-annual basis, and we want an increase of 25 percent in the first six months and 15 percent in the second six months, including the welfare share. We propose a 110% proportional increase in total over a 2-year period. After the promise is fulfilled with our proposal, the lowest public official salary will be 29 thousand 700 liras in January 2024.

“We offer a monthly rental assistance of 7 thousand 650 liras”

In addition, I would like to list our proposals for eliminating the distortion in the wage scale in the public sector, increasing the freedom of public servants, expanding the scope of social assistance and increasing pensions under short headings. We propose that the inflation difference should not pay the periodic increase since the previous month, the collective agreement bonus will be paid as a thousand liras per month, the monthly rent assistance of 7 thousand 650 liras, the additional indicator of all public servants who have risen to the first degree will be 3600 and the promise made be fulfilled, the contracted employees excluded from the scope of the transition process to be appointed to the staff, the payment of 4 thousand 850 liras on religious holidays, the payment of a bonus of 4 thousand 850 liras during religious holidays, the payment of 500 lira for the spouse support and 2 thousand children.

“We want the increase in Seyyanen to be reflected on retired public officials”

We remind once again the fact that it is seen by the partners of the People’s Alliance, where the grievances are known by everyone, with the extent of retirees, and we expressly express and want the 8 thousand 77 lira hike to be reflected on the retired public officials as well. We want the special service compensation and additional payments of civil servants with many titles such as engineer, branch manager, assistant manager, chief to be improved because serious distortions have occurred in the wage scale in the public sector. Fairness is needed here.

“We propose to fix the income tax at 15 percent”

Auxiliary services class is a class that we have kept on the agenda for a long time and that we brought to the table in this collective agreement, which we insistently emphasized in the previous collective agreement. For this reason, we want these friends to be transferred to the general administrative services class by removing the auxiliary services class.

We want and propose that the income tax be fixed at 15 percent, that the promotion and title change exams be compulsory, not voluntary institutions’ pleasure.

“We want a cumulative 100.2 percent increase in 2024, including the welfare share”

Kamu-Sen Chairman Önder Kahveci also shared the raise rates they will demand and their expectations. Kahveci announced that they demanded a 100.2 percent increase, including the welfare share, for the whole of 2024. He said that they want a 58.4 percent increase in all salaries for the whole of 2025.

Kahveci said, “We demand 40 percent for the first six-month period of 2024, 30 percent for the second six-month period, and 10 percent on top of the increase given in January.

It can be summarized as a cumulative increase of 100.2 percent for the entire year 2024, including the welfare share, and a 58.4 percent increase in all salaries, including the welfare share, for the entire year 2025. For the next year, we want an increase of 20 thousand 941 liras for the lowest civil servant salary and 25 thousand 101 liras for the average civil servant salaries,” he said.

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