Minister of Agriculture and Forestry İbrahim Yumaklı stated that they have been on the field from the first moment to come to the aid of the earthquake victims and heal their wounds, and stated that the central and provincial units of the Ministry are working hard to meet their basic needs, especially shelter and nutrition.

“8.8 billion TL was deposited into the accounts of our farmers”

Expressing that the expert personnel of the Ministry work in the field for the solution of all kinds of problems, especially the supply of drinking and utility water, feed and fuel in the provinces affected by the earthquake, Yumaklı said:

“Since February 6, we have provided important grants and supports for the recovery of the countryside in the earthquake region. A total of 8.8 billion liras of agricultural support payment was deposited into the accounts of our farmers in the disaster area. It is our top priority that agricultural production is not interrupted in the provinces affected by the earthquake and that our producers continue production. As the Ministry. We will continue to stand by our earthquake survivor producers, as we have done so far.”

The wounds caused by the earthquake in agricultural production are being healed with supports.

According to the data of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, the Ministry supported the works with approximately 15 thousand personnel and 5 thousand machinery-equipment during the most intensive work in the earthquake zone. Currently, work continues with 472 machinery and equipment and 5,743 personnel.

Within the scope of agricultural supports, the application period for the 2023 production year was extended by amending the Farmer Registration System Regulation, and 2 million 195 thousand farmers in Turkey, especially approximately 300 thousand farmers in 11 provinces in the earthquake zone, were enabled to benefit from this regulation.

In the provinces affected by the earthquake, a total of 1 billion 373 million liras of feed support was paid to 198 thousand 371 enterprises, 101.4 million liras of sugar aid for feeding purposes to 10 thousand 604 enterprises, 340.5 million liras of sheep and goats distribution support to 1500 enterprises. In addition, 663.7 million TL was paid for other livestock supports. A 2 billion 903 million lira diesel fertilizer support payment was also made to the farmers.

In total, the loan debts of 3 thousand forest villagers and Agricultural Development Cooperatives, 11.3 million liras from the Forestry and Village Relations Department (ORKÖY), between February 6 and July 31, were postponed until December 31, without interest.

TARSİM continues to pay a damage compensation of 37 million liras to replace the lost animals of cattle, sheep, poultry and bee hives breeders who had agricultural insurance in the provinces affected by the earthquake.

Support up to 60 thousand liras for fishing vessel owners

While the delivery of 43,618 sheep and goats continues at the first stage in livestock breeding, plans are being made for the distribution of cattle, poultry and bee hives afterwards.

In addition, 5,358 tons of feeding sugar needs of 10,328 beekeepers in the earthquake region were met.

It is envisaged that the owners of fishing vessels operating in the sea and inland waters with a fishery license in the earthquake zone will be paid between 3,500 lira and 60 thousand lira per vessel, in order to compensate for the loss of income due to the fishing activities they could not carry out and to ensure the sustainability of their fishing activities.

While Rural Development and Expert Hands Project support continues uninterruptedly in these provinces, 209 million liras for 89 economic investment projects, 3.3 million liras for 11 infrastructure projects, 101.6 million liras for 2,498 machinery and equipment purchase projects and 650 expert hands projects. It is planned to pay a total of 476.4 million lira in grant support in these provinces, 162.5 million liras for

Supports by ESK, TMO and TİGEM

93 tons of meat products were delivered to the region by the General Directorate of Meat and Milk Institution (ESK). IHC also shipped 290 thousand canned meat in its stocks to the earthquake zones with the coordination of AFAD, a total of 7 tons of dairy products were distributed in the region.

The raw milk obtained by the breeders in the region is directed to the producer organizations and the private sector under the coordination of the Ministry. To date, 263 thousand 181 tons of milk produced by dairy enterprises and breeders in the region have been collected and converted into production.

Meat and meat products obtained from ovine and bovine animals given to the IHC by the citizens to be sent to the earthquake area were delivered to the region in line with the Red Crescent’s request.

To be distributed through AFAD, 3 thousand 786 tons of flour, 1435 tons of rice, 1453 tons of red lentils, 1510 tons of sunflower oil, 700 tons of roasted hazelnuts, 156 tons of hazelnut cream, 982 tons of raisins, 450 tons of grape molasses, 20 tons of hazelnut paste and 75 tons of flour to be distributed through Kızılay.

The feed needs of the breeders in the disaster area began to be met under the coordination of the General Directorate of Agricultural Enterprises (TİGEM), and 1520 tons of concentrated feed was delivered to the region.

In addition, in line with the demands of the breeders in the disaster area, their animals were taken from the breeders who had problems with care, feeding and sheltering for their animals and transferred to TİGEM enterprises for temporary care.

Agricultural irrigation, drinking and utility water works

The dams in the region were also examined in detail by the technical teams of the General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works affiliated to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. In this context, 110 dams and 30 ponds were controlled.

Drilling works were completed in a total of 93 wells in Malatya, Hatay, Adıyaman and Kahramanmaraş, and 1879 liters of water per second were obtained. In addition, a total of 515 cooperative wells were checked in Hatay, Gaziantep, Kahramanmaraş, Elazığ and Diyarbakır.

DSI carried out maintenance and repair work on the 56-kilometer-long flume in the region, 12.4-kilometer irrigation canal manufacturing and 1.2-kilometer operational maintenance road repair were completed.

Food inspections in the disaster area approached 33 thousand

Approximately 10 thousand usable bed capacity in guesthouses belonging to institutions and organizations affiliated to the Ministry throughout Turkey was put into service for earthquake victims.

Within the scope of food inspections in the Disaster Area, 32 thousand 659 food inspections were carried out with 926 expert personnel working in provincial/district agriculture and forestry directorates.

On the other hand, 1204 shelter tents, 208 mobile toilets, 46 toilet/bath containers and 232 dormitory containers were sent to the region. The Ministry delivered 70 water tanks of 500 liters and 45 water tanks of 300 liters to AFAD in order to meet the water needs of the region.

Under the coordination of the General Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks, 16,736 animal tents/tarpaulins were sent to the region for animals whose shelters were damaged in the earthquake. Approximately 50 tons of food for stray animals was distributed through the Ministry’s stakeholder solution partners, the Turkish Veterinary Medical Association and AFAD.

82 thousand 284 tons of wood was distributed to the provinces affected by the earthquake by the General Directorate of Forestry.

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