We were mobilized to solve all kinds of problems, from drinking and utility water to the supply of feed and fuel.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry continues to work for producers affected by earthquakes in Kahramanmaraş.

“We are with the producers in the earthquake”

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry İbrahim Yumaklı announced that “a total of 8 billion 800 million liras of agricultural support payments have been deposited into the accounts of the farmers in the disaster area”. He emphasized that they will continue to be with the earthquake survivor producers from now on.

The Ministry supported the works in the earthquake zone with approximately 15 thousand personnel and 5 thousand machinery-equipment. Currently, work continues with 472 machinery and equipment and 5,743 personnel.

2 billion 903 million liras of diesel fertilizer support was given to farmers

A total of 1 billion 373 million liras of feed support was given to 198 thousand 371 enterprises in the provinces affected by the earthquake. 10 thousand 604 enterprises received 101 million 400 thousand liras of sugar aid for feeding purposes, and 340 million 500 thousand liras of sheep and goats distribution support to 1500 enterprises.

In addition, 663 million 700 thousand liras were paid within the scope of other livestock supports. 2 billion 903 million liras of diesel fertilizer support was given to farmers. 5,358 tons of feeding sugar needs of 10,328 beekeepers were met.

In the first stage of animal husbandry, the delivery of 43 thousand 618 small cattle continues. Following this, plans are being made for the distribution of cattle, poultry and beehives.

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