In the project, which aims to improve the institutional capacities of mining workplaces producing underground metal and coal ore in the field of occupational health and safety with the guidance support, engineers, team leaders and technical personnel working in the General Directorate of Occupational Health and Safety have traveled 190,200 kilometers across Turkey to 80 mines. workplace has been reached.

In the field visits organized to underground mines far from the city centers, where geological and climatic conditions are severe, on-site observations were made and solutions were produced for the needs of the field.

While 420 site visits across Turkey were successfully completed, a concrete improvement of 47 percent was achieved in the field thanks to the studies.

The financial support for the assignment of Occupational Health and Safety professionals to the beneficiary mine workplaces, the provision of recovery trainings to the mine workers and the integration of the TS 13741-Occupational Health and Safety Management System to 15 workplaces among these workplaces in accordance with the criteria determined continues.

In this context, the grant support given to beneficiary underground mining workplaces reached a total of 31.9 million TL.

Certification processes continue

Within the scope of the protocol signed with TSE on March 8, 2022 for the integration of TS 13741- Occupational Health and Safety Management System, 115 people were given preventive approach, ISO 45001, internal audit and TS 13741 standard training and certification in cooperation with TSE. Separate workshops were organized for 10 companies and 3 underground mining operations were certified according to the TS 13741 standard.

Financial support is provided to beneficiary mining workplaces to increase the number and qualifications of rescue workers in mining workplaces and to prepare employees for emergencies. With this support provided at the point of preparedness for emergencies, 322 rescue trainings were supported.

Ministry support for the project will continue until 2024.

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