Environmental audit teams affiliated to the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change impose penalties on businesses that cause environmental pollution by violating the Environmental Law, marine vehicles that cause sea pollution, and motor land vehicle owners that cause air pollution due to exhaust emissions.

As a result of the inspections, the activities of the enterprises that are determined to pose a danger to the environment and human health are stopped, while marine vessels are prohibited from navigation.

42 thousand 132 inspections were carried out

In this context, 42,132 environmental inspections have been carried out by the Ministry since January 1, 2023.

During the inspections, the Ministry announced 282 million 265 thousand 756 liras in 405 administrative sanctions for the prevention of waste-related environmental pollution, 51 million 873 thousand 333 liras in 340 administrative sanctions related to Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) processes, and 42 million 108 thousand 90 liras in 203 administrative sanctions for the prevention of air pollution. 55 million 634 thousand 588 liras in 191 administrative sanctions for the prevention of water pollution, 14 million 859 thousand 734 liras in 61 administrative sanctions for the prevention of soil pollution, 3 million 605 thousand 720 liras in 117 administrative sanctions for the prevention of noise pollution, 329 administrative sanctions against those who burn stubble 1,778 liras, 655 thousand 195 liras in 27 transactions on zero waste/bags, 18 million 656 thousand 170 liras in 171 administrative sanctions against other environmental penalties, 70 million 28 thousand 296 liras for 16 sea vehicles, a total of 540 million 16 thousand 660 liras. imposed the penalty, and 195 facilities were banned from operating.

5.8 million lira fine for poisonous exhausts

The Ministry also took vehicles under strict control in order to protect living things and the environment from the effects of air pollution caused by exhaust from motor vehicles traveling in traffic. In the inspection of 70 thousand 193 vehicles with the Exhaust Electronic Inspection System (EGEDES), an administrative fine of 5 million 843 thousand 802 lira was imposed on 1291 motor vehicle owners who exceeded the exhaust limit value or did not have emission measurement.

Thus, since January 1, 2023, the Ministry has imposed an administrative fine of 545 million 860 thousand 462 liras on 2 thousand 896 facilities, 16 marine vessels and 1291 motor vehicle owners who have violated the environmental legislation.

Administrative fines imposed by the Ministry are used within the scope of protecting the environment and combating climate change.

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