The Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources determined the sizes of the fields belonging to the candidate Renewable Energy Resource Area (YEKA) determined for offshore wind energy.

According to the information received from the Ministry, an area of ​​1111 square kilometers off Bandırma, 299 square kilometers off Bozcaada, 75.6 square kilometers off Gallipoli and 410 square kilometers on the shores of Karabiga was allocated as a candidate Renewable Energy Resource Area (YEKA) for offshore wind energy.

Pre-feasibility studies consisting of meteorological and oceanographic analyzes and measurements will be carried out in certain areas to be selected after receiving opinions from relevant institutions and organizations for the said areas.

In addition, activities for technical, legal, economic analyzes and determination of capacity will be carried out. According to the results of the studies, activities for the installation of offshore WPP will be carried out.

Offshore wind power for energy independence

In line with Turkey’s 2053 “net zero emission” targets, the Turkish National Energy Plan was published by the ministry at the end of last year. According to this plan, it is planned to reach a capacity of 5 gigawatts in offshore wind energy by 2035.

Renewable energy sources are rapidly taking the place of fossil sources in energy production in the world.

It is stated that renewable energy sources make a significant contribution to the security of supply of these sources with their environmentally friendly technologies and conventional electricity generation methods.

In addition, due to the fact that it has become economical, renewable energy investments have an important place in security of supply in Turkey as well as in the rest of the world.

On the other hand, according to the Global Wind Energy Council report, with the installation of the 8.8 gigawatt offshore wind power plant in 2022, the offshore wind power has reached 64.3 gigawatts.

According to the report, it is foreseen that an offshore wind power plant with a capacity of 130 gigawatts will be established in the world in the 2023-2027 period.

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