Minister of Industry and Technology Mehmet Fatih Kacır, who visited the World Apricot Trade Center in Malatya, said in his speech that they are making great efforts to quickly revive Malatya’s industry, production, employment and exports after the earthquakes.

Kacır stated that all public institutions and organizations are making an effort in this sense and said:

“With the help of KOSGEB, new industrial zones, industrial estates, as well as regional development projects that we have established from four branches, with the help of KOSGEB, as well as regional development projects, we will bring Malatya and our entire earthquake zone back to life quickly, and ensure that the wheels turn quickly in this region. “We will be taking steps towards this direction. This center we are in is very important to us. Because apricots have a very unique and special place in Malatya’s trade and Malatya’s economy. Malatya has an export income of approximately 650 million dollars from apricots, but our target is “I hope to increase this to the level of 2 billion dollars quickly. For this, we must develop more trade opportunities, R&D opportunities and export opportunities.”

Minister Kacır stated that companies will have the opportunity to research and develop at the World Apricot Trade Center.

“We are talking about a commercial complex of 300 thousand square meters in total. The Apricot World Trade Center constitutes an area of ​​​​12 thousand square meters. At the same time, a dried apricot, licensed storage center is another important investment of ours. We consider licensed storage works very important and very valuable in order to extend the supply period of dried apricots. “With this understanding, we have realized a storage investment of 13 million Euros with a capacity of 5 thousand tons in the region. As the Ministry of Industry and Technology, we are very pleased to support these investments, especially led by our Metropolitan Municipality. We believe that the earthquake will bring our region to its feet, in employment, production. “I hope we will accelerate these steps in the coming period. We will both bring the region together with new industrial areas and replace our destroyed or heavily damaged industrial sites with new industrial sites.”

Emphasizing that they will continue to provide support to industrialists and SMEs, Kacır said, “We will rapidly reflect a World Bank resource of 450 million dollars in the upcoming period. he said.

Minister Kacır visited the provincial presidencies of the AK Party and MHP within the scope of his contacts in the city, and met with the party members.

Kacır, who also went to the Jewelers’ Bazaar in the city center, chatted with the shopkeepers there.

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