During his visit to the AK Party Provincial Directorate of Ordu, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry İbrahim Yumaklı conveyed the greetings of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to the members of the organization and said that Erdoğan announced the hazelnut price during a rally last year and after the Cabinet Meeting this year.

Pointing out that there are hundreds of things that can be said about the contribution of the AK Party to Ordu in the last 21 years, Yumaklı said, “Because Ordu is one of the provinces with the highest potential. We, as the AK Party, have brought you very valuable lawsuits so far to make the most of this potential. Together with our friends, we did everything we could, hand in hand and heart to heart, at the highest level.” he said.

Emphasizing that it is extremely important to work non-stop and to be in the service race, Yumaklı said, “The biggest indicator of this was on May 28, it was extremely important for our country. The directives our President gave us for the local elections on the evening of the day we took the corner. That is, if you like our President. If you have a leader, even a single day’s pause is a loss for you. Therefore, it is important for us to work at this stage, regardless of whose task or area of ​​responsibility is unceasingly, without rest.” used the phrases.

Yumaklı pointed out that the amount of support given only to hazelnut producers for Ordu in the last 21 years has been 4.4 billion liras, and noted that 32 percent of hazelnut production in Turkey is realized in the province, and that it is extremely valuable in terms of quality and aroma.

Expressing that under the leadership of President Erdoğan, the amount of support and investment made only in agriculture and forestry is 21.3 billion liras, Yumaklı stated that livestock, plant and animal product production as well as agricultural exports have increased in the province.

Minister Yumaklı underlined that the General Directorate of DSI has investments specific to the region and made the following assessment:

“In the last 21 years, approximately 94 facilities have been put into service with an investment of approximately 2.5 billion dollars in DSI, Ordu. I would like to emphasize a part about climate change here. Climate change will no longer be discussed in books or television programs or any discussion. “We will begin to see it in our lives rather than being a subject. What does this mean? Now it means the change of precipitation regimes. It means the increase in temperature differences. So let’s imagine that it rains 100 kilograms per square meter in one year, hypothetically, in Ordu, but you will see, maybe it’s all just Altınordu.” “We will see such imbalances. Therefore, from now on, we all have to take the necessary precautions and be careful about climate change.”

Pointing to the importance of making hazelnuts with added value, Yumaklı said, “We are the number one producer of this product in the world. If 70 percent of it is produced in our country, we are obliged to increase this added value more than 10 times. We have such an obligation. We are really thinking about this. Especially from last year.” We have some efforts from now on, I hope we will share it with you when it becomes clear.” said.

“We have an obligation to combine our resources, agricultural support and skills”

Yumaklı, President Erdoğan always said, “We will not put the effort and sweat of the hazelnut producer on the ground.” He said, “Our country has a very serious earthquake effect, you know. We feel it in everything. Despite this, I would like to express my gratitude to our President, in order not to bring down this sweat and this effort. I think his instructions about hazelnut prices in particular are It created satisfaction for everyone. God bless both our President and those who produced it.” used the phrases.

Explaining that they are striving to grow decisively and expand the country in the projection of the Century of Turkey, Yumaklı continued as follows:

“We have to bring our resources, agricultural support and skills together. Make sure that, under the leadership of our President, I and all my other cabinet members, not with words, but with our actions, as it was before, the AK Party governments of 21 years, by developing it further. We are in an effort to move Turkey to the next point by advancing it even further. I hope we will be this way as well.”

Unmanned aerial vehicles are also used to fight forest fires.

Minister Yumaklı reminded that Turkey had experienced very painful experiences related to forest fires before and stated the following:

“But by taking lessons from all this and improving its inventory, it has developed itself in such a way in recent years that, both in terms of equipment and trained human capacity, today we are able to intervene in dozens of forest fires every day, extinguish them in 10-11 minutes, and almost remove them from our agenda. We now have a system that monitors all forests of Turkey 24 hours a day, detects smoke, detects fire or automatically notifies the headquarters of any fire risk. In other words, I am trying to say that at every point, Turkey has come to a position that both uses and produces advanced technology. Thanks to whom? Of course, thanks to our President, of course, of the AK Party, of course, thanks to you who set your heart on this.”

Stating that they have the 2024 elections ahead of them, Yumaklı concluded his words as follows:

“To those who really think that they can hunt people with small things, let me put it simply, we need to teach another lesson so that they understand that shoes are expensive. It is so simple that people are led to deceive us by commitments made and made without considering the meaning of things that can be told or said, completely far from reality. We, of course, once again underlined the fact that the AK Party organizations are the driving force and that we derive all our strength from our organizations, and I hope that the AK Party love of the Army and the AK Party’s love of the Army will continue to develop further in the last 21 years. will.”

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