Ahmet Güldal made a statement about the preparations of TMO for the upcoming hazelnut harvest period.

Reminding that Giresun quality hazelnuts will be purchased for 84 liras, levant quality hazelnuts for 82.5 liras, and pointed hazelnuts for 80 liras this year, Güldal said that the efficiency premium and support premium will be paid in addition to these prices by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

Emphasizing that these prices announced by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan are a reference, Güldal asked the producers to evaluate their crops based on these prices.

Pointing out that the harvest period will begin after August 15, Güldal said, “As the Grain Board, we buy hazelnuts every year. We have made our warehouses and plans for this. As in the provinces where hazelnuts are produced in the Black Sea Region and which are hazelnut regions, nearly 60 purchases are made every year. After August 21, we will open our appointments and our producers will make an appointment and deliver their hazelnuts to us.” he said.

“Moisture” warning to manufacturers

Pointing out that they encounter the damp hazelnut problem at the beginning of the harvest every year, Güldal called on the producers to bring their hazelnuts to TMO after making sure that the weather is rainy and therefore they are thoroughly dried.

Stating that a yield of 725 thousand tons is expected this year, Ahmet Güldal said, “Slightly below last year’s. This will become clearer during the harvest period. The yield is not too bad, although it is slightly below last year, it is not at a level that will hinder Turkey’s exports. It is very productive and fruitful. I hope that if the quality is the same, the price will be good, and our producers will have had a fruitful and profitable season.” used the phrases.

Stating that there are hazelnuts in the warehouses from last year, but they are preparing new warehouses, Güldal said, “We do not have any storage problems in hazelnuts. We buy the hazelnuts supplied to us by our producers.” said.

Stating that they will often be with the producers in the Black Sea after the harvest period begins, Güldal said, “We will provide the necessary information. If necessary, we will take new measures there, but we think that our current preparations are sufficient for the hazelnut purchase period.” made its assessment.

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry İbrahim Yumaklı made a statement in Ordu regarding the purchase of hazelnuts yesterday, and said, “As of August 21, the Grain Board will have opened its purchasing places. It will start purchasing as of August 28.” had used the words.

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