In the first 7 months of the year, the Ministry of Commerce inspected 940 party products such as stationery, toys and childcare products, as well as textiles, shoes, furniture, detergents.

Manufacturers and importers of products found to be inappropriate as a result of inspections were fined 4 million 100 thousand liras.

In the statement made by the Ministry on the subject, the following statements were made:

In order to protect our consumers from the risks of unsafe products, market surveillance and inspection activities are carried out for products such as textiles, shoes, furniture, detergents, especially stationery, toys and child care products, which are under the responsibility of our Ministry.

Products are examined in laboratories

In the inspections, after the products are harmonized with the European Union legislation, they are examined in the authorized laboratories according to the criteria in the technical legislation. Thus, our consumers are provided with protection at the European Union level.

Protecting the health and safety of consumers by preventing the risks posed by unsafe products is the first priority of our Ministry and acts with the principle of “zero tolerance for unsafe products”. Product controls are carried out in line with monthly inspection plans, consumer complaints and other notifications prepared within the framework of risk analysis.

In audits; Analyzes are carried out to detect potentially harmful chemicals that products may contain, parts such as small parts and sharp points that may cause physical accidents and injuries are tested, and instructions for use, label information, warnings and markings are checked.

Information on these products is also shared with our consumers through the Ministry of Commerce Insecure Product Information System (GÜBIS) on the website

940 batches of products inspected

In this framework, as of July 2023, a total of 940 batches of products were inspected. An administrative fine of 4.1 million TL was imposed on manufacturers and importers whose products were found to be unsafe.

The fact that our consumers notify our Ministry about the products they suspect to be unsafe by using the notification and complaint mechanisms via the Alo 175 Consumer Hotline, the Presidential Communication Center (CIMER) and the website of our Ministry will make a significant contribution to the detection of unsafe products in the market.

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