Vedat Işıkhan, Minister of Labor and Social Security, who went to Çorum as part of the AK Party’s “City Meetings”, visited Governor Mustafa Çiftçi and received information about the works in the city.

Afterwards, Işıkhan visited AK Party Çorum Provincial Chairman Murat Günay and met with the party members here.

Işıkhan, at the press conference held at the AK Party Çorum Provincial Presidency, said that Çorum is rapidly progressing towards becoming a city worthy of the vision of the Century of Turkey, of which President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is the architect.

Stating that Çorum is a valuable city for them, Işıkhan emphasized that they have invested more than 44 billion liras in the city in the last 20 years.

Pointing out that President Erdoğan summed up the investments of the AK Party governments with the words “We fit the work of a century into twenty years”, Işıkhan pointed out that the investments will increase and said:

“Right now, of course, our priority is the provinces of the disaster victims. In this process, in order to resurrect our 11 provinces, Corum, like all our other cities, took the hands of our earthquake victims and opened their home, home and heart to them. With all the means, ‘You, I do not exist, we exist!’ “May Allah be pleased with you all, on behalf of myself and our citizens, I would like to express my gratitude to all our brothers and sisters from Çorum.”

Reminding that the local elections are approaching, Işıkhan noted that he believes Çorum will support the AK Party in the next election as it has been for 21 years.

“We have never turned down the demands of our nation”

Explaining that they will march towards the Century of Turkey under the leadership of President Erdoğan, Işıkhan continued his words as follows:

“At the beginning of the road, we said that we will make this century the century of labor, production and work. You know, we determined our minimum wage as soon as we took office. Subsequently, we immediately took action for the improvements in the salaries of our civil servants and retired civil servants. We started the 6th Term Collective Agreement process. I hope that our negotiations, which we foresee will be completed by the end of August, will result in a positive outcome to the satisfaction of all parties. We have never turned down the demands and requests of our nation. We have always adopted a people-oriented, nation-oriented management approach to the extent of our possibilities. We have respected the rights of labor and sweat. We have never closed our ears to our retirees, employees, employers, and unions. We have always stood by our nation as required by our participatory social state understanding. From now on, we will continue to listen to the opinions coming from the field with the same vision with the same awareness.”

Işıkhan added that they aim to increase the development level of 81 provinces to the highest possible level as they walk towards their goal of the Century of Turkey.

Minister Işıkhan then made a visit to the tradesmen on Gazi Street and chatted with the citizens at a tea house in Hürriyet Square.

Çorum Governor Mustafa Çiftçi, AK Party Çorum Deputies Yusuf Ahlatcı and Oğuzhan Kaya, Çorum Mayor Halil İbrahim Aşgın and AK Party Provincial President Murat Günay accompanied the visits.

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