It is foreseen that the dues will not be increased above the inflation rate.

The three ministries’ preparations for the law will be on the agenda when the Parliament opens on 1 October.

The Ministries of Environment, Urbanism and Climate Change, Justice and Interior are working on amendments to the Property Ownership Law.

In this framework, limitations may be imposed on dues; site management will be scrutinized.

In the current situation, it is sufficient to take a decision with a majority of votes to increase the dues. On the other hand, for the renovation and repair works in the apartment, a decision is taken by a majority of 3/4 votes.

In order to increase the dues, it may be possible to take a decision by qualified majority.

Editing to site administrations

Another regulation that is planned to be implemented is related to site management…

According to this;

-Not everyone will be able to manage the site.

-Certified facility management companies will be able to aspire to site management.

Professional standards will be brought to companies within this scope.

– The profession definition of the sector will be made.

Dues and expenses collected will be audited

The companies will be audited by the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change with independent auditors.

Site budgets, expenses and collected dues will be audited every year. Unfair and exorbitant dues will not be increased.

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