The process, which started on August 1, in the collective bargaining negotiations, which concerns approximately 4 million civil servants and 2.5 million retired civil servants, continues.

In line with the determined work schedule, with the classification of the offers of 11 service branches and the preliminary discussion of the proposals for the general public, the negotiation phase was started in the following process.

While entering the critical process in the negotiations, the government is expected to present the first raise proposal for the general public to the contract table today.

In a statement before the meeting, Officer Sen Chairman Ali Yalçın stated that they expect the first proposal from the government to come today.

We are waiting for the first offer to meet their expectations”

Yalçın stated the following in his statement;

Today is an important day in the 7th Term Collective Agreement process. Today is the 14th and the offer is expected today. As of 15.00, the confederations and other components of the table will come together at the table. Therefore, today we are waiting for the first proposal to meet the expectations of public officials.

While we were presenting our offers, we presented them in the form of quarterly offers for the year 2024 for the first year. We have seen how important this is and how much it has received, as a result of the survey we conducted with 50 thousand public servants. 90 percent see this as an extremely important proposition.

Officer-Sen asked for quarterly raises

Memur-Sen, which is the authorized confederation at the collective bargaining desk, requested an increase of 35% in the first 3 months, 10% in the second 3 months, 15% in the third 3 months and 10% in the fourth 3 months, including the welfare share, for 2024 quarterly periods.

For 2025, the Confederation demanded a 25 percent increase in the first 6 months and a 15 percent increase in the second 6 months, including the welfare share, for 6-month periods.

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