Memur-Sen Chairman Ali Yalçın made evaluations after the second meeting hosted by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security within the scope of the 7th Term Public Collective Agreement negotiations, where the financial and social rights of civil servants and retirees in 2024-2025 will be determined.

Reminding that the Public Employer Committee offered an increase of 14 percent in the first six months of 2024, 9 percent in the second six months of 2024, 6 percent in the first six months of 2025 and 5 percent in the second six months of 2025, Yalçın said:

“Our advice to the Public Employers Committee is to revise the offer without wasting any time and make an effort to use the time stuck with a new offer much more efficiently and to move it to a level that will enable reconciliation at the end of the calendar. Because these numbers mean that the expectation cannot be read. We are ahead of August 17th. There is a process for the second offer and then the final offer. There is no such thing as two offers, three offers can be brought here. That’s why this offer needs to be revised and updated. The welfare share was not mentioned in the offer. Purchasing power should not be lost in an inflationary environment. We especially submitted quarterly offers for 2024. The offer came every six months. We think that this should be reconsidered.”

“We were waiting for an offer on rents”

Reminding that they also have requests for rental assistance to public officials, Yalçın said:

“We were waiting for an offer to come to the table regarding rents. We said that the retirees of civil servants did not have a hard time surviving with these salaries. A sentence could have been made about our other demands as much as I did. No sentence has been made regarding these yet.”

Stating that 967 proposals are on the collective bargaining table, Yalçın called for the efficient use of time and the continuation of the negotiations in order to deal with all the proposals.

Pointing out that the proposal is 10 points behind the inflation forecast of the Central Bank, Yalçın said, “The finance bureaucracy and the Public Employers’ Committee must work for the new proposal to come without wasting any time.” said.

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