Eastern Black Sea Exporters Union Fisheries Sector Committee Chairman İsmail Kobya said that 14,107 tons of Turkish salmon were exported from the Eastern Black Sea Region in 7 months of the year.

Kobya stated that 91 million 428 thousand 514 dollars of foreign exchange inflow was provided from the said foreign sales, and that Turkish salmon exports increased by 118 percent in amount and 97 percent in value compared to the same period of the previous year, with an income of 46 million 461 thousand 751 dollars corresponding to 6 thousand 477 tons.

Kobya stated that Turkish salmon was sold to 17 countries from the Eastern Black Sea region this period, and said, “Russian Federation, Vietnam and Belarus became the 3 countries with the highest export sales. From our region to the Russian Federation 68 million 155 thousand 349, to Vietnam 14 million 262 thousand. 633 Turkish salmon were sold to Belarus for 4 million 394 thousand 379 dollars. said.

Pointing out that the interest in Turkish salmon is increasing in foreign markets, Kobya stated that exports are also made to Indonesia, Malaysia, Germany, France, Qatar and Israel.

Kobya said that they aim to increase their export potential and that they will continue to focus on market and promotion activities in this context.

Stating that Turkish salmon exports are increasing exponentially every day, Kobya said, “Turkish salmon is an important export product of ours. We believe that we will complete the year with much better figures.” he said.

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