The deadline for the first installment of the additional payment of the 2023 motor vehicle tax is 31 August. The tax will be as much as car owners pay in 2023. This is for the year only and will be paid once.

For cars registered and registered for the first time in September 2023, an additional tax equal to half of the annual motor vehicle tax will be charged. Those who do not pay the additional motor vehicle tax will not be able to sell their vehicles and withdraw from traffic.

Those affected by the earthquake will be exempt

It will also not be able to scrap it or take it abroad. He won’t be able to get an inspection either. Those affected by earthquakes in Kahramanmaraş will be exempt from additional motor vehicle tax.

debt restructuring

The deadline for the most comprehensive debt restructuring in the history of the Republic is 31 August. Those who choose the cash or installment option and fail to pay the first installment payment period or pay incompletely will be included. Taxpayers will be able to pay all these amounts until the end of August with the late payment increase. The law will be used without applying the coefficient. However, the advance payment discount will not be available.

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