In the written statement made by the Confederation, the reasons for the public employer to revise its offer were given.

Reminding that the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey revised its inflation forecast to 58 percent for this year and 33 percent for 2024, it was reported that the public employer determined and stated that “25 percent inflation difference will be given to public officials” in January 2024.

While the determination of the inflation gap by the public employer is rational, the increase proposal for both 2024 and 2025 is far from the market realities, the following statements were used:

“Taking into account the inflation gap, the public employer ignored the 33 percent inflation forecast for 2024 and 15 percent for 2025, and made an offer under the expected inflation figures. In this regard, the statements of the public employer or the determinations on which they are based are contradictory. The summary of the determination that 25 percent inflation difference will be given to the civil servants means that the losses will increase and their purchasing power will decrease in the months of July-December 2023. The expression ‘including the inflation difference payment’ is an important mistake in terms of both justification and explanation. Shown as a significant increase rate and “The announced offer does not reflect the facts when evaluated over real purchasing power. The statement ’25 percent inflation difference will be received’ by the public employer is only a claim or determination by the relevant authority.”

“Inflation difference is the debt of the public employer, the debt of the public official”

Emphasizing that the inflation figures expected to occur in the 5 months covering the August-December period are estimates, it should be kept in mind that the inflation difference is the public employer’s debt and the public official’s receivables.

In the statement, it was stated that the welfare share, which had to be given by the government by making legal arrangements for the salary increase that beat the inflation, should also be on the agenda of the public employer.

“While making a total offer of 34 percent for 2 years, the public employer not only missed the economic values, expectations or targets, but also overlooked Turkey’s attitude of caring and prioritizing labor. The public employer said in a statement that “only a percentage increase” “He did not see the collective bargaining table as a whole and the collective agreement offers as complementary to each other, and presented only general increase offers. The agenda of the table and the expectation of 11 service branches is to make a bid in response to Officer Sen’s complementary and holistic offers.”

Reminding that there is a 7-day process for the public employer as of today, it was stated that this period was sufficient for the negotiations to continue, the service branches to be decided and the raise proposal updated.

The public employer offered an increase of 14 percent in the first 6 months of 2024, 9 percent in the second 6 months, 6 percent in the first 6 months of 2025 and 5 percent in the second 6 months of 2024.

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