Minister of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change Mehmet Özhaseki emphasized that the ‘Transformation in Place’ project received a high demand from citizens in all provinces in the earthquake zone.

Explaining that the number of applications has reached 175,703, he said, “We will transform our homes and workplaces on-site with our fellow citizens, with whom we are always hand in hand and heart to heart.”

In the video, the citizens who applied to the Construction and Transformation office said, “If my place is solid, if there is no liquefaction, if there is no fault line, why should I go? Why should I leave my neighbors? It will be a really good thing. Our project is very good, we will benefit from the opportunities provided by the state. “We hope to establish it. Our expectations were for it to be done on site. Our Ministry also fulfilled our wishes and desires in this regard. We are glad and happy. We thank everyone who contributed to our President, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, and all of our teammates,” the statement said.

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