Visiting the purchasing points of TMO in Yozgat and Yerköy, General Manager Ahmet Güldal stated that there was a fruitful grain season, that they expected a yield of over 21 million tons of wheat and over 8.5 million tons of barley, and that there is a possibility of a yield higher than that. .

Stating that the harvest is 80 percent complete in Turkey and it continues in the high areas, Güldal said, “We are having a fruitful crop year. TMO is conducting an intense purchasing campaign. We purchased 8.7 million tons. Between 150-200 thousand tons of products come to TMO daily. “And we can buy it. The financial equivalent of this is 1 billion 600 million liras per day. We pay our producers within 30 days,” he said.

Stating that they have the capacity to buy 10 million tons of products with open fields, TMO warehouses and leased licensed warehouses, Güldal said, “We have measures if it exceeds 10 million tons. TMO does not have any problems or shortages in terms of warehouse, personnel, price, finance. We always say that all products submitted to the Turkish Grain Board, wheat, barley, and those that meet our quality criteria will be open until the final product arrives, and we will continue to purchase.”

“We will buy all products that meet our quality criteria”

Güldal stated that there is a loss of quality in the product in Yozgat this year due to seasonal developments:

“Despite this, our manufacturer has delivered 513 thousand tons of products to TMO. The financial value of this is 4 billion liras and the payment has already begun. Our purchases continue at 26 points in Yozgat and our appointments are open. We will purchase all products that meet our quality criteria. “Even though it complies with the TMO criteria, we will not have any producers who say, ‘I could not deliver. It would be 10 million tons, it would be 12 million tons, we would buy it until the end.”

Stating that there is a surplus of non-standard products in the city and that those who do not comply with the quality criteria are considered as non-standard, Güldal said, “The grain support premium of 1000 lira for wheat and 500 lira for barley will be paid by our ministry, regardless of who is sold, provided that a producer receipt or certificate is obtained. This is also for non-standard wheat. valid,” he said.

AK Party Yozgat Deputy Süleyman Şahan also thanked Güldal.

Güldal and Şahan chatted with the producers and listened to their problems.

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