Bayraktar, who participated in the “City Meetings” program organized by the AK Party Provincial Presidency within the scope of their programs in Van, expressed his pleasure to be in the city.

Stating that they attached great importance to investments in Van during the AK Party governments, Bayraktar emphasized that Van is an important province in terms of Turkey’s energy potential.

“Van is one of the cities with the highest solar energy potential”

Stating that they set out with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s vision of the “Century of Turkey”, Bayraktar said:

“We are continuing our efforts to make the Century of Turkey the century of energy as well. We would like to talk to you about where we have come from in energy in the AK Party governments in 21 years. We are particularly interested in the point that Turkey is trying to achieve in electricity, natural gas, oil, nuclear, and at the point that Van is trying to reach in energy. It really has a very important place.

Because in Turkey, Van is one of our cities with the highest potential in terms of solar energy. We have developed projects to reveal this potential so far, and we will continue to increase these projects in the next 5 years.”

Bayraktar, giving the good news that they will implement very important projects in energy production and solar power plants in Van in the future, stated that the investments will make a great contribution to employment and the economy.

Stating that Turkey should bring its natural resources in energy into the economy, Bayraktar said:

“The point I want to share with you in Van for the new term is that we have goals related to exploration of underground resources in this province and hopefully starting production after finding them. Important projects are ahead of us both in metallic mines and in oil and gas exploration. We will implement the first of these, I hope, before the end of 2023. First We will do our oil drilling in Van, I hope we will get a positive result.

I think this news will make you and our whole nation very happy. In addition, our first priority task is to deliver electricity, natural gas and fuel oil to you uninterruptedly. From time to time, there are some complaints, expectations and requests in electricity. Here, too, I have instructed all the representatives of all our related companies here, in order to provide higher quality and uninterrupted service in electricity by making investments more widespread and increasing. They will work day and night to serve you better.”

“We are trying to spread natural gas quickly”

Stating that he has no chance to live in a world without electricity anymore, Bayraktar continued his speech as follows:

“Electricity means energy, it means life. We use it in all our operations. Therefore, electricity has to be everywhere. We also know that in the complaints made from time to time, the demands have increased. We have hundreds of villages, there are living spaces beyond those villages. Demand has increased significantly. We will develop our infrastructure accordingly.

Natural gas came to our city under the AK Party rule. We are trying to spread natural gas quickly. We have a goal to deliver natural gas to our Saray, Başkale, Çatak, Özalp and Bahçesaray districts, where natural gas still does not reach, as soon as possible. We will provide natural gas to Özalp by transportation in 2023. In 2024, we have Saray and Başkale targets. We will bring natural gas to our citizens for a temporary time with transportation.”

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