Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) President Mustafa Yılmaz made a statement regarding the Regulation on Measures Regarding Natural Gas Market Distribution Licenses published today, and stated that with the regulation, possible administrative weaknesses in the natural gas market will be determined beforehand.

Emphasizing that there should not be the slightest decrease in service quality in delivering natural gas to the end consumer, Yılmaz gave the following information:

“Both quality and network operation safety will continue to be protected at the highest level. We have big targets in natural gas. We will bring this comfort to 1000 settlements, districts and towns by the end of 2026. With this arrangement we have made, possible administrative weaknesses that may arise while we are confidently moving towards the target of 1000 settlements. “We will determine in advance and ensure that distribution services continue uninterrupted. Operational risks will also be minimized in settlements where natural gas networks are delivered. Consumer satisfaction will be maximized both at the investment stage and in the fields of operation and customer service.”

Consumer will be protected, measures will be taken in advance

On the other hand, according to the statement, natural gas was delivered to 763 settlements in August and it is aimed to increase this number to over 800 by the end of the year.

With the Regulation on Measures Regarding Natural Gas Market Distribution Licenses, EMRA takes the necessary measures in advance in order to protect the distribution network, prevent the consumers from being victimized, continue the service provided, and minimize possible damages to the economy and consumers, in case the activities of the legal entity holding the distribution license are found to be unsustainable or will come to an end. will receive.

In cases where the quality or quality of the distribution activity decreases to an unacceptable level, company managements will be temporarily changed by EMRA and a new license holder will be determined by going to the network sales tender as soon as possible.

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