After planting saplings in the garden of the 112 Emergency Call Center, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry İbrahim Yumaklı, who went to Iğdır to participate in some programs, at the Security and Emergency Situations Coordination Center with the participation of Governor and Deputy Mayor Ercan Turan, AK Party Deputy Cantürk Alagöz and institution directors. made.

In his speech at the “City Meetings” program organized by the AK Party Provincial Presidency, Minister Yumaklı said that they were very warmly welcomed in Iğdır.

Stating that they came to talk about the city’s problems and their solutions, Yumaklı said, “There is a very important issue, which is the most important element of solving all the problems of a city, with all its institutions, state institutions, ministries, who work locally here and serve the citizens. If there is, it is possible with the harmonious work of those people and institutions.” said.

Emphasizing that they came to Iğdır not to visit, but to follow up the works, Yumaklı expressed that they came to put forward a calendar regarding the follow-up of the works.

“We also set our goals in line with the perspective of the ‘Century of Türkiye'”

Stating that no one has any hesitation about the importance and strategic position of the agriculture and forestry sector in the world, Yumaklı continued as follows:

“Of course, we, as the great Turkey, have to follow the world in this direction. We even have to be ahead of the world at some points. We, as a country, have stepped into a new century in the ‘Century of Turkey’. We set our goals in accordance with the perspective of the ‘Century of Turkey’. If we have goals that we need to achieve, we revise them appropriately. This happens on a national basis, but also on a city basis. Therefore, I would like to underline again that today’s focus is on all aspects of Iğdır, from needle to thread. Why do we say it is very important because Iğdır is really agricultural production? has a very important place for both plant and animal production. we must do.”

Yumaklı reminded that all his cabinetmates in the new period attended “City Meetings” in different provinces.

Explaining that they aim to meet all the dynamics of the cities, Yumaklı said, “We were in Adıyaman and Siirt on Monday this week. Today we are in Iğdır. We use the definition of ‘Cukurova of Eastern Anatolia’ for Iğdır. Iğdır’s agriculture, forest, water. We come here from a meeting we talked about. Our aim was to review the issues that will shape the agriculture and forestry sector of Iğdır together. Iğdır has a very important feature. It is a very important vegetable and fruit production center of the region, but it is far behind its potential in our opinion. must.” said.

“When the Zangezur corridor is opened, foreign trade and tourism potential will increase”

Pointing out that Azerbaijan’s victory in Karabakh provided an opportunity for the opening of the Zangezur corridor, Yumaklı said, “Hopefully, when this corridor is opened, as a gateway to the Turkish world, both our trade and cultural ties will meet once again. When this corridor is opened, foreign trade and tourism potential will increase. Of course, Iğdır will see the first benefits of Iğdır being the starting point of this corridor in our country. Of course, there will be an increase in human traffic. Therefore, the demand for food will also increase. We need to prepare Iğdır for this.” made its assessment.

Explaining that Iğdır received significant investments during the AK Party governments, Yumaklı said, “We say ‘you dream, we make your dreams come true’. Our aim is to increase the amount of irrigation in the coming period. We are working on the use of insufficient water. We have a dream to take the city and make it a brand city.” he said.

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