Entrepreneurs who want to bring their projects to life are looking for funds. Individuals and institutions can also fund projects for investment or support purposes.

The new address of the search for new generation financing: Crowdfunding platforms…

Hakan Yıldız, Chairman of the Board of Fundbulucu, can create a portfolio from venture companies in the same way they invest in commodities in order to diversify their portfolios, just as they invest in the stock market Istanbul. They also get an opportunity to earn high profits.

Investments are collected at Takasbank and blocked on behalf of the investor. Individuals have a stake in the venture in which they invest. The interest in the system, which started the first investment round in 2021, is quite intense.

1 billion lira transaction volume is targeted

According to Central Registry Agency data, the number of successful projects reached 88 as of August. The number of investors has exceeded 26 thousand. The amount of funds collected through the crowdfunding system is 633 million 770 thousand liras.

Yıldız said, “In our two-year adventure, more than half a billion liras of funds have been transferred to venture companies. Our companies, which employ more than 1000 people, receive investments from abroad, and there are those who receive investments from large companies in the country. Hopefully, by the end of this year, we will have brought together 100 of our startups with financing. Our target is a transaction volume of 1 billion liras for this year,” he said.

Young people about crowdfunding

The highest demand for the new generation financing system comes from the 18-45 age group. 75 percent of investors are in this age range.

Hakan Yıldız continued his words as follows:

“If we consider that we can invest even with 1 lira in the system, we will see that the young generation who want to invest in the long term are much more active in this system. We can say that our country has a huge investor potential.”

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