At the opening, the BIST 100 index decreased by 66.94 points compared to the previous close and depreciated by 0.89 percent, to 7,446.35 points.

Banking index decreased by 4.21 percent and holding index decreased by 0.82 percent. Among the sector indices, sports was the highest earner with 1.31 percent, and banking was the one that lost the most.

BIST 100 index in Borsa Istanbul, which followed a sales-heavy course on Friday, closed the day at 7,513.29 points with a 3.23 percent depreciation.

While global markets started the week with a mixed course with uncertainties regarding monetary policies around the world, the messages given by policy makers at the Jackson Hole Economic Policy Symposium, which will take place on 24-26 August this week, were placed in the focus of investors.

On the other hand, with the CBRT communiqués published in the Official Gazette at the weekend, a regulation was made to increase Turkish lira (TL) deposits and decrease the Currency Protected Deposits (KKM).

Accordingly, within the scope of the simplification process, the implementation of the conversion target from foreign currency deposits to KKM and the practice of establishing additional/discounted securities according to TL share were terminated.

Analysts said that the aforementioned decisions are expected to support new economic policies in the medium-long term and may support foreign portfolio flows, while it is likely to increase volatility in the markets.

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