In his written statement, Minister Uraloğlu stated that the number of tourists staying in Trabzon in the January-July period was 737 thousand 137, of which 339 thousand 695 were domestic and 397 thousand 442 foreigners.

Emphasizing that Trabzon Airport is one of the most important airports in Turkey with an annual passenger capacity of 4 million, Uraloğlu stated that the airport ranks 7th in the number of domestic passengers and 10th in the number of international passengers.

Pointing out that the ever-increasing tourism potential and the number of tourists create the need for a new airport, Uraloğlu stated that they will bring a new airport to Trabzon, which broke a record with 145 aircraft traffic on 30 June 2023.

“Planes from 12 countries landed”

Minister Uraloğlu said:

In 2022, the number of passengers was 3 million 174 thousand 779, of which 2 million 471 thousand 442 on domestic lines and 703 thousand 337 on international lines. In January-July 2023, it reached 1 million 955 thousand 951, including 1 million 498 thousand 345 in domestic lines and 457 thousand 606 in international lines. Planes from 12 countries such as Germany, Azerbaijan, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Iraqi Kurdistan Region, Israel, Qatar, TRNC, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Jordan landed at Trabzon Airport. This is an important indicator of the tourism potential in the region. This potential is increasing every year.

Stating that the existing airport will continue to function until the new airport project is implemented, Uraloğlu also stated that improvements have been made to the existing airport.

3,909 flights in 2023

On the other hand, 260 from Germany, 50 from Azerbaijan, 598 from United Arab Emirates, 236 from Bahrain, 35 from Iraq, 59 from Israel, 57 from Qatar, 87 from TRNC in the summer of 2023 at Trabzon Airport. A total of 3,909 flights were carried out, with 521 from Kuwait, 1166 from Saudi Arabia, 488 from Oman and 352 from Jordan.

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