Memur-Sen Chairman Ali Yalçın held a press conference at Memur-Sen Headquarters regarding the progress reached in the 7th Term Public Collective Agreement negotiations, which will determine the financial and social rights of civil servants and retired civil servants in 2024-2025.

Reminding that Vice Presidents responsible for collective bargaining, Hacı Bayram Tonbul, had a heart disease the previous day, Yalçın wished a speedy recovery to Tonbul, who is being treated in the intensive care unit.

Stating that as Memur-Sen, their aim is to repay the hard work of public officials, to protect their rights and law and to increase their welfare level, Yalçın said, “We acted with the same sensitivity while rejecting unrealistic offers, while conducting the negotiations at the table and speaking from the field.” said.

“Inflation gap is presented as a hike”

Yalçın stated that they prepared their collective agreement proposals by considering the situation in Turkey and their responsibilities regarding this process, and said:

“Taking into account the price instability and economic conditions, we submitted our offer for a raise in quarterly periods. The inflation expectations set by the Central Bank confirmed the accuracy of our offers. In this process, we reminded the Public Employer of Turkey’s growth figures and the government’s promise of welfare share in the election declaration. The figures brought by , in the first and second proposals are neither in line with the reality we have expressed nor in the quality of meeting the expectations. The percentage offer is the basis of the collective agreement, the inflation difference, the compensation for the losses, the welfare share is the assurance of preserving the purchasing power. But today we see that after the troubles we will experience for 6 months, we will receive The inflation difference is presented as a raise. However, the inflation difference is not the gesture of the Public Employer, it is our collective bargaining gain and retrospective receivables.”

“We have made significant progress in some critical topics”

Emphasizing that public employees have no responsibility for the problems faced by the Turkish economy, Yalçın said that they do not accept the inclusion of their efforts in the savings item of the economic tightening policies.

Pointing out that discussing the collective agreement only on the figures of the general offer can overshadow the solutions produced for service branches and general, Yalçın said:

“Although we could not come to a point of agreement on the proportional increase, we have made significant progress in some critical topics both in the service branch proposals and in the general section. Reconciliation in the collective agreement can be achieved separately for each service branch and general, or it can be in a single item. “Tomorrow, we will take an important decision by continuing the negotiation and consultation process with the final offer from the Public Employer.”

Stating that they have the right and will to complete the process with consensus until the start of the Arbitration Committee process, Yalçın said, “Our expectation is very clear and clear. A new proposal should be made that is realistic, takes into account the market conditions, does not neglect the predicted inflation, includes welfare share, and will increase the real purchasing power of public officials. For this reason, we expect a remedial will in the percentage increase and a positive step in the welfare share.” said.

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