According to the information compiled from the Turkish Statistical Institute, the cars registered to the traffic are classified according to their fuel types, engine volumes, brands and colors.

In this context, although white was the most preferred color in the 2018-2022 period, the proportion of cars in this color decreased continuously. Accordingly, the rate of white cars, which was 55.6 percent in 2018, decreased to 39.6 percent last year. In the said period, the rate of gray cars increased from 21.7 percent to 28.8 percent.

At the end of July, the proportion of gray cars reached 34.1

Considering the developments in the 7 months of the year, the rate of gray cars exceeded the rate of white cars for the first time as of May.

At the end of July, the rate of gray cars reached 34.1, while the rate of white cars remained at 29.2 percent.

Demand for orange color increased

On the other hand, brown and orange were among the least preferred colors. The number of orange cars increased from 0.7 percent to 2.5 percent in 5 years. As of the end of July, this rate was 2.4 percent.

The proportion of brown cars fell from 1.4 percent to 0.7 percent in the same period. At the end of July, the said rate was calculated as 0.6 percent.

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