In his written statement, Göktaş stated that as the Ministry, they carry out activities to increase the employment opportunities of the disabled, and reminded that the protected workplace model was implemented in 2016 within the scope of policies that support the participation of disabled citizens in social life as productive and independent individuals.

Noting that at least 40 percent of mentally or mentally disabled individuals can work in protected workplaces, where the Ministry supports not only financially but also technically, and the working environments are specially arranged according to the needs of the disabled, Göktaş said that in order for these workplaces to receive state support, at least 5 disabled individuals with the specified qualifications. He said he needed to be employed.

Minister Göktaş shared the following information about the model:

“Protected workplaces enable our mentally and mentally disabled citizens to be employed and stay in business for a long time by focusing on their interests, abilities and skills in cooperation with the private sector. At least 5 mentally or mentally disabled individuals work and the ratio of the number of disabled individuals to the total number of employees is 50 percent. Employers of no less than one workplace can apply to our Provincial Directorate of Family and Social Services to gain the status of a protected workplace.

Stating that while the Ministry provided 1840 liras for each disabled employee to protected workplaces in 2022, they increased this support to 2 thousand 811 liras in 2023, Göktaş said, “Last year, our Ministry sent our mentally and mentally disabled citizens to sheltered workplaces in order to support their employment in the private sector. We transferred an appropriation of 1 million 34 thousand liras. Since 2016, when the protected workplaces were established, we have provided a total of 3 million 965 thousand liras in support for disabled individuals working in these workplaces,” he said.

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