Financial stability is being strengthened, macro-prudential measures continue to be taken one by one.

The new step was towards housing loans. Consumers who want to buy their second home have a credit limit. Now those who want to buy their second home will need to have more down payment.

The decision was announced by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency. Consumers; If there is already a house for himself, his spouse or a child under 18, he will be able to use less credit for a second house.

There will be no change in the first housing purchases

The loan amount will be 75% lower than before. For those who buy their first house, the credit limit will not be applied.

Within the scope of the decision; 22.5 percent of zero housing units up to 5 million liras will be given loans. This rate will be 20 percent for zero houses between 5 and 10 million liras.

Rates have also been reduced for people who prefer second-hand houses in the purchase of a second home.

Accordingly, up to 22.5 percent of second-hand houses under 1 million lira will be able to get loans. On the other hand, 17.5 percent of the second-hand houses between 1 and 2 million liras can be borrowed.

Risk weight regulation came to banks as well. The risk weight will be high in banks that will extend loans for second housing. It will be applied as 150 percent.

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