According to the data of the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK), the increase in the sales of second-hand vehicles in the January-July period, which shows the transfer transactions made through the notary public, was remarkable.

In July, second-hand car sales increased by 32.1 percent compared to the same month of the previous year and reached 567 thousand 274, while other vehicle sales increased by 53.4 percent to 334 thousand 451. Thus, total vehicle sales rose 39.3 percent to 901,725.

In the 7 months of this year, second-hand automobile sales increased by 24.7 percent compared to the same period of the previous year and reached 4 million 486 thousand 122, while total vehicle sales increased by 24 percent to 6 million 616 thousand 447.

Automobile came to the fore in second-hand vehicle sales in 7 months of the year

Motor Vehicle Dealers Federation (MASFED) Chairman Aydın Erkoç made evaluations about the increase in second-hand car sales.

Expressing that the second-hand market is weak compared to the increase in new vehicle sales in the 7-month period of the year, Erkoç said, “In the first 7 months, the highest sales figures in the second-hand market were 741 thousand 828 in automobiles and 1 million 104 thousand 572 in total sales. Seen again in the same month. said.

Pointing out that the highest monthly increase in second-hand sales was in motorcycles with 39.8%, Erkoç said, “While truck sales also increased by 22.3 percent, the increase rate was 7.9 percent in minibuses, 1.5 percent in trucks, and 0.1 percent in buses. On the other hand, the increase in tractor sales compared to 7-month periods remained at 4.5 percent. used the phrase.

“Exorbitant price increases have come to an end”

Pointing out that the regulations made by the Ministry of Commerce in order to prevent informality and exorbitant price increases in the second-hand market, the sector started to relax and there was a decline in prices in this period, Erkoç said:

“As it is known, when our Minister of Commerce Ömer Bolat took office, he held a large-scale meeting with the representatives of the sector and started to take very important steps in solving the problems experienced in the sector. The 6-month 6,000-kilometer restriction implemented in this direction included individual sales and the announcement of second-hand vehicles. “The regulation, which prevents the sale of new vehicles above their price, has started to have a positive effect on the prices. We can say that the prices have gradually returned and the foam has disappeared. The positive effects of the measures taken on the prices contributed to the increase in second vehicle sales.”

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