According to Energy Markets Operations Inc. data, the total transaction volume in the spot natural gas market was 46 million 918 thousand 601 liras yesterday. This amount was announced as 51 million 718 thousand 440 liras the previous day.

In the spot natural gas market, the reference price of 1000 cubic meters of natural gas was 9 thousand 180 liras 58 cents, and the gas trade amount was 5 million 110 thousand cubic meters.

For market participants, the purchase price of balancing gas was determined as 9 thousand 639 liras 61 cents, and the selling price was 8 thousand 721 liras 55 cents.

Turkey received 129 million 397 thousand 629 cubic meters of natural gas yesterday. The amount of gas supplied to the market was recorded as 131 million 416 thousand 206 cubic meters.

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