In a written statement from the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA), it was reported that an investment mobilization in solar energy was started with the regulation made in the Unlicensed Electricity Generation Regulation in August last year.

Pointing out that with the steps towards unlicensed electricity generation, it is easier for consumers to meet their own consumption by generating electricity from solar energy, it was emphasized that subscribers can generate income by selling additional capacity to the system corresponding to the electricity they consume.

In addition, it was stated that consumers who could not find a place for an unlicensed production facility in organized industrial zones, where construction is intense within the scope of the regulation, have the opportunity to establish facilities all over the country.

“The installed power in unlicensed electricity has reached 13,500 megawatts”

EMRA Chairman Mustafa Yılmaz, whose views are included in the statement, stated that one year has passed since the regulation came into force, “Those who hastily criticize the regulation without understanding it and comment that ‘the switches will be turned off, renewable energy will fall into the background’, were embarrassed.” made its assessment.

Emphasizing that they paved the way for everyone to become an energy investor easily with the regulation, Yılmaz said:

“We started a solar mobilization with a regulation that sees Turkey as a single region and says ‘produce where you want, consume where you want’, and thankfully we met an investment appetite and effort beyond our expectations in 1 year. An investment of nearly 10 billion dollars was reflected in the field in this process. Within 12 months Unlicensed capacity allocation was made for more than 14 thousand production facilities with an installed capacity of more than 12 thousand megawatts. With a power of more than 2 thousand megawatts, the total installed power of unlicensed electricity generation facilities reached 13,500 megawatts. In this process, unlicensed generators are paid a payment for 240 thousand megawatt-hours of energy. “While not done, this energy was offered free of charge to the last electricity consumer. These numbers will increase exponentially and all of Turkey will continue to win with solar mobilization.”

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