Economic relations with Iraq, one of the most important countries in Turkey’s foreign trade, are warming up again. Minister Bolat will go to this country tomorrow with a delegation of business people.

Bolat will be received by Iraqi President Abdullatif Reşit and Iraqi Prime Minister Muhammed Şiya es-Sudani within the framework of the visit.

Bolat, who will hold bilateral meetings with Iraqi Minister of Commerce Etir Davud Selman Al-Greyri, Minister of Planning Muhammed Ali Temim, Minister of Transport Razzak Mheybis Acimi Al-Sadavi, Minister of Reconstruction and Housing Bengin Rekani, will also hold roundtable meetings with the participation of business people.

Within the framework of Bolat’s visit, the issues of further strengthening the commercial and economic ties between the two countries will be discussed and attempts will be made to strengthen the role of Turkish companies in Iraq.

Aims to maintain record levels in trade

Exports to Iraq increased by 24 percent in 2022 compared to the previous year, reaching the level of 13.7 billion dollars. In the same year, imports from Iraq increased by 24 percent to 10.4 billion dollars, while the trade volume reached 24.2 billion dollars. The figures regarding bilateral trade volume and exports to Iraq are record-breaking.

To date, 1080 projects worth 33.3 billion dollars have been undertaken by contracting companies in Iraq. This figure has made Iraq the 3rd country in the world where the most projects are undertaken by Turkish companies.

It is aimed to maintain the record level achieved in bilateral trade with this country in a balanced structure and to increase the activities of contracting companies in Iraq.

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