Minister Işıkhan, in his speech at the joint meeting of the Ankara Chamber of Industry Assembly and the 2nd and 3rd OIZ Entrepreneur Committee, stated that Turkey has been going through a difficult process in recent years due to global financial conditions, natural disasters it has been through and the epidemic period.

“Despite this, we always attach importance to our next steps through investment, production, employment and current growth,” said Işıkhan, adding that the industrial sector constitutes the backbone of the economy, that Turkey has achieved great success in this field, and that it has the capability to produce highly competitive products in the intense technological and international market. He said it has become a country with

Işıkhan stated that as the Minister of Labor and Social Security, Turkey is working determinedly to continue its growth in the field of industry and to increase the welfare of employers and workers. We have accelerated our efforts. We have always stood by you by supporting your employment power through our two important institutions, SGK and İŞKUR, and we will continue to do so.” he said.

“We are the representatives of the government that has been walking with its people since the day it was founded”

Emphasizing that they aim to go further in terms of occupational safety, working conditions, digital and green transformation and workers’ rights, Işıkhan stated that they strive not only for economic growth, but also for human-oriented growth.

Işıkhan continued his words as follows:

“Today, listening to the opinions and suggestions of our esteemed Ankara industrialists will shed light on our path. We are the representatives of a government that has been walking with its nation since the day it was founded. You know, we celebrated our 22nd anniversary this week. He is the best answer to those who see the goals we set for our country and nation as empty dreams. We went far beyond our goals. Every historical step we took was one that required great courage and a broad horizon. However, the stance, courage and foresight gained by our past experiences by our President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, with the strength he received from the national will, were greater than these. With the help of Allah and the contribution of our political vision, we have survived a thousand and one hardships and have reached these days.”

“Turkey’s economy is not a fragile economy”

Işıkhan said that as a result of the decisive steps they have taken since 2002, they have all witnessed Turkey’s transition to a strong economy, and despite everything, they have continued on their way to increase the welfare of citizens by overcoming all obstacles one by one in this development and acquisition process.

“Turkey’s economy is not a fragile one. We have a well-established economy that has steadily increased its growth rates despite the difficult financial conditions and the toughest times our country has been going through.” Işıkhan said:

“Despite all the negativities we have experienced, we have never given up and we will not give up taking care of the welfare of our nation. We have invested in investment at a time when world economies are in constant decline during the COVID-19 pandemic. The wheels of the economy have never stopped. “We have grown by 4 percent in the first quarter of 2023, in January-March. This growth is expected to increase throughout the year, hopefully we will close the second quarter with growth.”

“We made 4.4 billion payments to our 705 thousand citizens”

Explaining that Ankara has taken its share from Turkey’s investment move of more than 20 years, that they have invested close to 604 billion liras in the capital, 33 billion liras of this is investments specific to working life, Işıkhan said that since 2002, approximately 260 thousand people in Ankara have received vocational training. He stated that they have enabled him to benefit from courses, on-the-job training programs and entrepreneurship training programs.

Işıkhan said, “Since 2012, we have made 2 million 400 thousand individual meetings, 440 thousand workplace visits and nearly 10 thousand school visits in our capital through our business and vocational counselors. We have paid 4.4 billion to our 705 thousand citizens who are entitled to unemployment benefits.” said.

Minister Işıkhan stated that according to his research, the occupations that are most difficult to obtain in Ankara are machine worker, retail food salesperson, fast food preparer, furniture upholstery worker and solder band worker.

Stating that they will further strengthen employment in consultation with the industrialists in order to meet the personnel needs of Ankara, Işıkhan emphasized that the stable investment and production process brings along a stable working life and continued as follows:

“Ankara Chamber of Industry has given great support to our economy, and therefore to employment, with organizations such as organized industrial zones, technoparks and training centers. We continue to work on issues such as increasing the ease of doing business, improving the investment environment and supporting employment. To make production processes more efficient by closely following technological developments. We are taking steps to improve occupational safety and working conditions. We continue our efforts to minimize work accidents and create a more conscious society about occupational health. Increasing our productivity by enabling our workers to work in a healthier and safer environment is among our main goals. “

“We mediated 687 thousand job placements between January and July 2023”

Minister Işıkhan stated that Turkey’s employment figures have reached the highest level in its history in recent years, and that they have provided millions of citizens to have a meal and a job to date, especially within the scope of the National Employment Campaign, which they initiated under the leadership of President Erdoğan at the beginning of 2017.

Stating that as the Ministry, they have implemented important incentives and support practices through İŞKUR and SGK in order to provide the greatest possible contribution to employers in increasing their employment levels, Işıkhan said, “In this context, when we look at the current İŞKUR employment data of our ministry, 103,500 people were employed through İŞKUR as of July 2023. Between January and July, we mediated 687 thousand job placements. In terms of sectors, the highest number of job placements between January and July 2023 was realized in the manufacturing sector in the industry sector.” gave the information.

Stating that 1 million 554 thousand vacant jobs were taken in the January-July 2023 period, and 322 thousand placements were made to 778 thousand vacant jobs in the industrial sector in the same period, Işıkhan stated that they will act as an intermediary for employers to find workers with the qualifications they are looking for.

Işıkhan said that another issue that is among the most important responsibilities of the Ministry is to fight unemployment, “We have achieved a 24 percent decrease in the number of registered unemployed compared to İŞKUR July 2022. We have accelerated on-the-job training programs in order to enable workers to gain professional experience and increase their employability. In the January-July 2023 period, 34 thousand people benefited from these programs.” said.

Işıkhan, who stated that he gave a change order when he started working to increase the effectiveness of the On-the-Job Training Program and vocational training courses, which allow employers to directly train workers with the qualifications and skills they need, said that with the works that will be concluded in a short time, by making use of these programs and courses, it is possible to both find the desired qualified worker and get employment by receiving financial support. that a contribution can be made.

“As the government, we will continue to provide the necessary support”

Explaining that Turkey has become a country that produces its own aircraft and its own car in 22 years, Işıkhan emphasized that they have achieved all this despite those who do not believe in Turkey’s power and do their best to hinder rather than support them.

Işıkhan said, “In addition to our understanding of the social state brought about by our thousands of years of ancient management tradition, the main architects of the success we have achieved today are our employers, investors and employees, who did not remain indifferent to the investment-production-employment call of our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, and saw the real potential of our country and supported it. In cooperation with the business world, we will continue to take stronger steps on issues such as increasing employment, training a qualified workforce, and occupational health and safety.” he said.

Emphasizing that they are in an advantageous position in terms of solid economic infrastructure, industrial production capacity, developing economy, young and dynamic population, Işıkhan said that Turkey is also a production and logistics base due to its geographical location, and therefore everyone has important responsibilities.

Minister Vedat Işıkhan said:

“Your opinions, suggestions and experiences will make the steps we will take in this direction more effective and realistic. As the members of the Ankara Chamber of Industry, you play a major role in the economic growth and employment increase of our country. Under the leadership of our President, our nation’s vast foresight, spirit of solidarity and determination will end. I have full faith that we will overcome the difficulties of the years together, that we will carry Turkey’s success in the field of industry to higher levels with your support and cooperation, that we will build a healthy, strong and safe working life and a more prosperous society together. and we will continue to provide the necessary support. I hope we will build the strong and prosperous Turkey of the future together.”

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