Samsun Fisheries Cooperatives Union President Atıf Malkoç said that they are ready for the fishing season that will start on September 1 and end on April 15.

Pointing out that last season was productive for fishermen, Malkoç said, “Last year was one of the best seasons for fishermen. I hope it will be good this year too.”

Pointing out that they expect anchovies to be plentiful this year, Malkoç continued:

“Anchovies appear in the sea this year. No Bonito. It happens a year and not a year. It’s about sea water. It rained a lot this year, it was cold and the sea got warmer. The current signs are looking good. The weather is a little warm, it would be better if it gets a little colder. “Last year, anchovy caught in Turkey is close to 200 thousand tons. 70 thousand tons of fish came from the Samsun region. I hope it will be better this year.”

Pointing out that large and small flocks of fish are seen on the coasts, Malkoç stated that this may be a harbinger of abundance.

Malkoç said, “Last year, too much bonito consumed anchovy. Bonito is a voracious fish, it eats a lot of ham. Cinekop, bluefish, they always eat anchovy. All fish in the sea eat anchovies. Anchovy caught by the fisherman.

Explaining that the prices may change depending on the diesel prices and the amount of anchovy caught, Malkoç added that the sea will be fertile this year, but the sea water should drop from 29 degrees to 23-24 degrees.

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