The decision of the CMB regarding the valuation services to be provided by the members of the Turkish Appraisal Experts Association has entered into force by being published in the Official Gazette today.

In this context, the real estate valuation minimum fees have been increased from 2 thousand 662 TL to 8 thousand 419 TL for residence, office or office, depending on the square meter, to 3 thousand 750 TL and 12 thousand 629 TL, depending on the square meter.

Accordingly, real estate appraisal minimum fees range from 2 thousand 454 TL to 20 thousand 514 TL for workshops, workshops, warehouses, hangar structures, factories, greenhouses, small and cattle farms, depending on the square meter, from 3 thousand 681 TL to 30 thousand 771 TL. increased to varying amounts.

For real estate and shopping/business centers used for service purposes, the amounts ranging from 2 thousand 719 TL to 40 thousand 569 TL have been increased to 4 thousand 79 TL and 60 thousand 854 TL.

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