According to the information received from the Ministry of Justice, as of January 1, 2019, it has been implemented that makes it mandatory for the authorities authorized to issue notifications to send notifications electronically to real and legal persons, including public institutions, notaries, lawyers and experts.

It is envisaged that real and legal persons who are not required to use the electronic notification upon their request. It was aimed to complete the proceedings in a short time by enabling the instant transmission of notifications via electronic media.

Within the scope of the application, 167 million 608 thousand 761 notifications have been transmitted electronically so far. Instead of physical notification, savings were also made with electronic notification, which is less costly. Within the scope of electronic notification application, 3 billion 590 million 225 thousand liras have been saved so far.

By sending the notifications electronically, 5,866 tons of paper was saved. Thus, 99,727 trees were saved from being cut down.

Electronic notification process

While applications are made to the PTT to obtain an electronic notification address, the electronic notification addresses created are recorded in the National Electronic Notification System (UETS).

The electronic notification address is sent to the relevant institution, organization or union by the PTT to be delivered to the address owner. After the notification of the delivery process, this address is made available to the authorities and authorities authorized to issue a notification.

These authorities and authorities prepare the electronic notification message and deliver it to UETS. UETS associates the electronic notification message with the timestamp and delivers it to the electronic notification address of the addressee.

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