In the program at the Lower Kaleköy Dam, Governor Ahmet Hamdi Usta, Mayor Erdal Arıkan, Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Brigadier General Gökhan Şahin, Provincial Police Chief Şükrü Orhan and Provincial Agriculture and Forestry Director Burhan Bahadır released their fish fry into the water.

Governor Usta told reporters here that Bingöl has a rich potential in terms of water resources.

Stating that they could not use this water potential for fisheries, Usta stated that the products under the threat of extinction in rivers should also be increased.

Noting that the project aims to increase biodiversity and bring species into the economy, Usta said:

“We aim to provide employment in our province with the production of fishery products, and to increase the consumption of fishery products and to expand them. In addition, we want our citizens who will fish to earn an income. For this purpose, studies have been carried out in our province for 3 years within the scope of the project carried out by our Ministry. In 2021, 1 million 173 thousand, 1 million 61 thousand carp were left in 2022. 1 million carp will be released this year. We will gradually release 1 million carp in Özlüce, Pembelik, Beyhan, upper and lower Kaleköy, Gülbahar and Gayt ponds.”

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